Our Rooms

Nine different rooms to suit your taste, needs and budget.

Room N°1 “Atardecer”   (sleeps 2 )
2 single beds, small balcony to our main patio, Cable TV, closet, bathroom

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Room N°1 “Atardecer”        (sleeps 2 )
Room N°2 “Machincuepa”   (sleeps 2)
Room N°3 “El Vergel”          (sleeps up to 5)

Room N°4 “Gemela I”      (sleeps up to 2)
Room N° 5 “Gemela II”    (sleeps up to 2)
Both “Gemelas” are facing a small indoor patio and share a full bathroom located between the rooms. Together the twin rooms “Las Gemelas” (sleep 4)

Room N°6 “Flor de Loto”     (sleeps up to 3)
Room N°7 “El Manguito”     (sleeps 2)
Room N°8 “Tres Árboles”     (sleeps up to 3)

Room N°9 Junior Suite “Las Delicias”(
sleeps 2)