Where are we?

To reach Valle de Bravo from Mexico City, the least expensive road is thru Paseo de la Reforma towards Toluca highway. Once entering Toluca, the Capital of the State of Mexico, continue through Paseo Tollocan following the sign: “A Valle de Bravo por el Nevado” towards the town of Temascaltepec. Nevado de Toluca –Xinantecatl- is an inactive volcano sometimos covered with snow during the winter months. The locals call this road “via Los Saucos”.
It is a curvy scenic road through the forest with a few places to stop and have some mexican “quesadillas” or “tacos”.
If you are not in a hurry and plan to travel during the daytime, it’s worth to try!

From November to the end of February you might see the Monarch Butterflies flying alongside. A few miles before reachng Valle de Bravo you’ll see the  Piedra Herrada Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary, the largest in this area.

Another option:
In 2012 a toll freeway to Zitacuaro with 2 lanes and no curves was opened. It connects the Mexico-Toluca highway  at Lerma with Valle de Bravo, without having to enter the city of Toluca. At Laguna Seca and Villa Victoria there is an exit to the right to the Ramal a Valle de Bravo that takes you straight to downtown Valle or to Avandaro. At the end of the Ramal exit thru Paseo Avandaro, you´ll drive through Acatitlan and at the end of the Paseo you turn right if you are headed to Valle or left if you are going to Avandaro. It takes approximately one hour and a half from the Santa Fe Mexico City exit and the cost is approximately Mx$ 220.00
Have a Safe Trip!         


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